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Most Common Residential Electrical Repairs

EMERGENCY ELECTRICIAN READINGElectrical issues can be most of the time unpredictable. One moment you have your TV on and everything’s fine, then the next moment you’re in the dark. As you’re searching around for the flashlight, you wonder what could’ve happened. Maybe your lights have been flickering for some days recently, but you didn’t really pay much attention to it. Maybe your microwave keeps turning off by itself. Don’t worry, it’s not a paranormal activity. Instead, it’s more likely that you have one of these common electrical problems around the house.

Incessant Buzzing Noises

This sound is one of the most annoying sounds you might ever heard. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to stop it, and you can’t seem to tell where exactly it’s coming from. This is normal and usually happens with large electrical appliances, refrigerators for example. However, buzzing is different and may or may not be a problem. It usually occurs at 120-180 hertz. There are a lot of reasons for buzzing in your home.

It may be a wiring problem, like overloaded wires. Wires are designed to carry certain voltages, and if the wire is overloaded, it may buzz. Secondly, you may have an overloaded circuit breaker. Some circuit breakers are equipped with an automatic shut-off. Others begin buzzing and even sparking. You must shut off your electricity immediately if that happens, because it’s very dangerous. It’s better to call an electrician who specializes in residential electrical repairs to replace the breaker.

Repeated Blown Fuses

A “blown” fuse is technically a burned-out fuse. In reality, it doesn’t explode. When too much electricity passes through the metal ribbon, it actually melts and the fuse get out of function. If you’re having repeated blown fuses, you may have too many appliances running at once on a consistent basis. This is referred to as an overload. To fix an overload, you typically need to replace the blown fuse and take care not to overload the system again. Another potential cause is a short-circuit. This takes a bit more effort to fix. A short-circuit happens when you have wrongly installed wires at home. Unfortunately, You can’t fix a short circuit by simply installing a new fuse, as it’ll just “burn” out again. You’ll need to call an expert electrician for that one.

Burning Smells

You should never ignore a burning smell. The first step is to find immediately where the burning smell is coming from. Is it coming from the heating vent? An outlet? You smell it everywhere, but stronger in one spot than another? If it’s coming from the heating vent, you must monitor it carefully. Maybe it’s some dust or grime that’s accumulated in the ducts. If it goes away after a bit, probably it’s not a big electrical issue.

Emergency Electrician ReadingLoose Power Outlets

Power outlets usually come loose because the electrical box they’re attached to is installed wrong in the wall. Unfortunately, this can be dangerous. If the electrical box is too far back, it is not secure and probably can jostle or break wires set back in the wall. This can cause fires. Meanwhile, if your plugs are falling out of the outlet, this means that the outlet receptacle is worn out and needs to be replaced.

Whatever your electrical issue might be, call the Emergency Electrical Services in Reading. Our customer service is 24 hours a day available. Furthermore, the electricians that we send are licenced and professionals. They are equipped with the best tools and the know-how. Make us a call whenever you feel it necessary.


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